Ocean Freight Spend Forecasting Tool

The AML Forecaster has been carefully designed to provide importers and exporters with financial projections and customised strategies for their seasonal ocean freight trends.

It can be difficult to decide on the right ocean freight strategy in volatile markets, with so many options and tactics to consider.

Named Accounts and Annualised Contracts can afford volume importers and exporters with a greater level of consistency in pricing, transits and routes, but timing and conditions can be difficult to navigate.

Freight of All Kinds (FAK), Market and Spot rates offer flexibility and room to pivot in fluid conditions with more scope to capitalise on under-utilised voyages, but can expose importers and exporters to higher freight rates in peak periods.

Basket and Quarterly arrangements can act as a more balanced approach, but with more “pros and cons”.

Delivering accurate projections in a time of uncertainty

The AML Forecaster is a supply chain assessment tool designed to provide volume importers and exporters with an ocean freight spend projection across multiple scenarios so they can make informed decisions and adopt the right ocean freight strategy for their business.

How it works

First, we need to understand your seasonal trends in order to plot a monthly or weekly volume forecast. We recognise that ordering and shipping cycles can be difficult to predict especially in volatile markets, however our sophisticated analytics will allow us to use your previous year volume statistics.

Then with our AML modelling tools, we use your seasonal volumes to project an overall freight spend in each scenario.

This allows us to analyse named account, basket and market rate options for your business and provide strategic ocean freight recommendations supported by a summary of the powerful modelling used.

Expected outcomes

  • Compare the latest NAC, BA and FAK options
  • Obtain annual ocean freight spend projections
  • Determine most optimal ocean freight product for your business
  • Measure contractual, basket and market scenarios against your seasonal trends

How to get started

To get started, contact us here and type “AML Forecaster” in the message field.

An AML specialist will contact you and go through the next steps.