AML is a market leading provider of end-to-end global supply chain solutions, offering international freight forwarding, logistics, customs and consultancy services to importers and exporters worldwide.

Sea Freight

Critical supply lines need the right sea freight strategy. AML provide an extensive suite of sea freight solutions.

  • OOG (Out-Of-Gauge and Special Equipment)
  • LCL (Less than Full Container Load)
  • BCN (Buyers Consolidation)
  • FCL (Full Container Load)
  • BB (Break Bulk and Vessel Charter)

Air Freight

Time sensitive cargo cannot wait. AML provide an extensive suite of air freight and courier solutions.

  • Priority Flights
  • Economy Flights
  • Consolidated Flights
  • Loose and ULD Cargo Management
  • Aircraft Charter

Supply Chain Assessment

Navigating present-day market conditions has only grown in complexity and managing economic supply lines has become even more critical. AML provide an extensive suite of assessment tools and high-level recommendations for complex supply chains.

  • Close gaps in supply lines
  • Mitigate risk in supply chains
  • Improve clarity on trade and compliance
  • Identify financial exposure and opportunities
  • Create simpler logistics from procurement to fulfilment

Customs Solution

Customs clearance is a complex and integral part of supply chain. AML offer an extensive suite of consultative services to help you navigate legislative compliance.

  • Customs Clearance
  • Duty Drawback, GST Exemption and Import Duty Refunds
  • Customs Audit and Compliance Review
  • Tariff Advice and Tariff Concession Application
  • Free Trade Agreement Advice

Logistics Solutions

As an active supply chain partner, AML customise solutions that link into your business and deliver measurable results across your supply chain, supported by market leading e-commerce tools.

  • AML eBusiness Tools
  • AML OneTouch Approach
  • AML LEAN Model
  • AML Overview
  • AML edoc

AML eBusiness Tools

AML eBusiness Tools

Technology forms part of AML’s ‘Strategic Heartbeat’ principal.

AML eBusiness tools create value by increasing visibility and reducing time wastage. AML Login is a live order management system providing clients with 24/7 secure access to shipment and order information in real time.

  • Secure Log-in
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Order Management
  • Online Booking
  • Milestone
  • Shipment Reporting
AML eBusiness Tools

AML OneTouch Approach

AML OneTouch Approach

Save time per FTE

Simple logistics is created when complex supply chains are streamlined through our AML OneTouch approach. AML offers an outsourced-inhouse management solution for your international logistics.


  • Reduces Downtime – One operational point-of-contact across all levels of supply chain
  • Reduces Administration – Elevated level of consistency, accuracy and transparency
  • Improves Productivity per FTE – Automated operational function
  • Reduces Cost – Advanced service, visibility and competitiveness
  • Improves Resolution Outcomes – Clear escalation process



Reduce operational cost

AML operates a LEAN integrated service model engineered through an OEP (Operational Excellence Program), which drives cost reduction initiatives and improved operational efficiency.

Four Key Principals

  • Learn and understand the “why” behind current process
  • Eliminate waste and non-value adding practices to reduce operational cost
  • Align and synchronise communication systems to drive operational efficiency
  • Name and share successful LEAN achievements

AML Overview

AML Overview

Mitigate risk and exposure

Introducing the AML Overview. A powerful supply chain assessment tool. Carefully designed to grade risk, identify gaps and create opportunities across critical areas in the business operation.

Key Assessment Areas

  • Fulfilment | Delivery and distribution
  • Procurement | Ordering and purchasing
  • Finance | Payment terms and trade finance
  • Insurance and Risk | Insurance and INCO Terms
  • Supplier Management | Suppliers, product and quality
  • Shipping and Logistics | Shipment and clearance agreements
  • Trade and Compliance | Chain of Responsibility, Illegal Logging, Modern Slavery, Customs and Due Diligence

Expected Outcomes

  • Consultation
  • Customised Report
  • Recommendation and Advice

AML edoc

AML edoc

Reduce administration

Securely filed in AML login, access vital commercial and shipment documents in real time 24/7.

  • Commercial Documents
  • Shipping Documents
  • Freight Invoices
  • Customs Entry