AML eBusiness Tools

Technology forms part of AML’s ‘Strategic Heartbeat’ principal.

AML eBusiness tools create value by increasing visibility and reducing time wastage. AML Login is a live order management system providing clients with 24/7 secure access to shipment and order information in real time.

  • Secure Log-in
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Order Management
  • Online Booking
  • Milestone
  • Shipment Reporting

AML OneTouch Approach

Save time per FTE

Simple logistics is created when complex supply chains are streamlined through our AML OneTouch approach. AML offers an outsourced-inhouse management solution for your international logistics.


  • Reduces Downtime – One operational point-of-contact across all levels of supply chain
  • Reduces Administration – Elevated level of consistency, accuracy and transparency
  • Improves Productivity per FTE – Automated operational function
  • Reduces Cost – Advanced service, visibility and competitiveness
  • Improves Resolution Outcomes – Clear escalation process


Reduce operational cost

AML operates a LEAN integrated service model engineered through an OEP (Operational Excellence Program), which drives cost reduction initiatives and improved operational efficiency.

Four Key Principals

  • Learn and understand the “why” behind current process
  • Eliminate waste and non-value adding practices to reduce operational cost
  • Align and synchronise communication systems to drive operational efficiency
  • Name and share successful LEAN achievements

AML Overview

Mitigate risk and exposure

Introducing the AML Overview. A powerful supply chain assessment tool. Carefully designed to grade risk, identify gaps and create opportunities across critical areas in the business operation.

Key Assessment Areas

  • Fulfilment | Delivery and distribution
  • Procurement | Ordering and purchasing
  • Finance | Payment terms and trade finance
  • Insurance and Risk | Insurance and INCO Terms
  • Supplier Management | Suppliers, product and quality
  • Shipping and Logistics | Shipment and clearance agreements
  • Trade and Compliance | Chain of Responsibility, Illegal Logging, Modern Slavery, Customs and Due Diligence

Expected Outcomes

  • Consultation
  • Customised Report
  • Recommendation and Advice

AML edoc

Reduce administration

Securely filed in AML login, access vital commercial and shipment documents in real time 24/7.

  • Commercial Documents
  • Shipping Documents
  • Freight Invoices
  • Customs Entry